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Why would he continue to spoil the treat of dining out at his favorite restaurant in town just to come home in disgust and pain? Is it an inability to stop himself from ordering the biggest plates of food and forcing every single grain of it into his mouth? Or are the pictures that show the plates of food just too enticing for his self control? Is it that the price seems right, therefore it only seems logical to order the full plate and its copious amount of sides to choose from? Perhaps it is just because his finances allow him to and his lack of appreciation for what sparse living feels like, or even worse famine.

With no real acknowledgment of the nonrefundable resources he so easily exhaust, not to mention the physical harm done to his body, he was doomed for failure. He winced as he rolled to his side. No burp could subdue the agony of each turn in his stomach.

He feared at any second his dinner would decorate his luxurious new rug that he took so much pride in. So much pride it was not uncommon he would insist his guest to bend down and feel the plushness of it every time they stepped on it.

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Still the war raged in his abdomen. Focused on his breathing, he shut his eyes in hopes of a get away. Struggling to remain still he reassured himself to breath. Suddenly, like a light switch found in a dark room a life changing truth was revealed to him. One so beautifully powerful it was to change him for good.

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The awareness of this truth would put an end to his pain and suffering, his lies and imperfections. There was now an answer to the constant void in his stomach, his unquenched hunger, the glass half empty. No longer was he a prisoner of deception. There was an overwhelming fleeting of demons and a mountain of weight lifted. His vision was as clear and vivid as it could ever be. The bliss was not ignorance, not anymore For the first time ever he could see life for what it really was.

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It felt like a lifetime of emotions in one moment. Simplicity surrounded him in every direction. He felt the joy of complete freedom. The weightlessness of eternal peace. He was to tell the world of this untapped truth brought to him. A new and better way to live. An actual sustainable lifestyle free of judgement. Then without his consent, he abruptly stood up. Dazed and in a state of confusion, he glanced at the clock. He then looked down and saw what his life cleansing truth was. He had simply soiled himself while asleep, ruining his new living room rug. Man longs for fulfillment but looks for it in material objects, false ideologies, pleasure and desires.

We will continue to take from this Earth until one day there will be nothing left. And therefore it lays unforgiving and unslaked like a thirst unquenched. Christy Lei Oct Old Age. But her lust penetrates the dark in a filthy glimmer, with a raging libido, she lubricates relentlessly to rebel against her miserable aging, the physical abuse and body shaming, the profane hands that exploited her and objectified her as a mere metallic tool, no — she was born with a sacred task to cleanse the world!

Her wrinkled mouth salivates for this forbidden idea, unquenched, unheard.

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How delusional, what awaits her is her own demise and menopause. The winner will then simply be contacted by me to make the trade for the prize in-game at our best convenience. What I have in my pockets, and what other people may feel inclined to donate to the prize pool. Expect more humble prizes early in leagues, and juicy grabs as the league progresses further!

grupoavigase.com/includes/455/2374-conocer-gente.php Envied by man, left wanting for more. His divine portrayal, perfected by lore. His desire unquenched, his fire soon drenched, the shackled are those we cry for. A chiseled face, a gallant robe, a halting pace, a humble tobe.

Skins unveiled, laid bare as kin, he'll judge and praise for what's within. Outrun, outwit, outlast, outstand. Sinner or Saint he'll guide your hand. Heed his call and find your peace, turn from him and all shall cease. The answer to this riddle I've posted in an online forum, so for your own sake don't google this particular riddle.

Ruins the fun of solving it.

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It smothers the sound, puts ideas in the ground, till a king of them all has been crowned. In numbers it thrives, it always survives, all but hope, it of us all, deprives. At times I am proper, at rest lie my curse Free will is my copper, now deep in your purse With you I stand bare, desire and despair, your gold I still crave for the worse.

Who are you? The prize for this one was roughly 8 ex worth of gear and trinkets.

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We travel on highways, to some place or no place. Your eyes but a dead gaze, our paths form a grand maze.

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We're born on the road, where none ever trode, to bless you with gifts by our grace. Who are we? Around 4 ex was awarded for this one. Posted by Umadia on Aug 16, , AM. Quote this Post. Hey man.