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LPC: They all have their own particular, uh, you know, stories that correlate with them, like any person would. LPC: I wrote to him, and, uh, at one point said "Hey, would you want to put out a split cassette with my noise band," that I had at the time. And it was sort of a harsh noise band, like a suburban harsh noise band inaudible And he did, he did sent us this live recording of him getting in a fight with the audience members.

It was pretty wild. And, then I got 20 dollars together, and I sent it to him for his video tape, and I never heard from him after that. I decided to call him in the middle of the night and bug him because he took twenty dollars from me. How much of you — LPC: Uhuh.


Or are they just the same guy? LPC: echo vocal filter Uh… I have, I have uh, you know, the requisite amount of professionalism in life. That's a tricky question. LPC: Uhuh. LPC: Oh. Oh, is this, is this Cracker Barrel? Man's voice: No. LPC: Oh, what number is this? You were in, you were, you were collegiate at the time, please, please proceed — ALEX: I was collegiate.

I was depressed, I was like self harming, I got hospitalized for depression for a while. But uh, when I got out, I was a flower delivery driver?

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ALEX: I remember finding Longmont CDs at that time, like I remember driving the car — the van around and like laughing so hard that I had to pull over and like, compose myself, because I was losing my mind. LPC: Right. I really do. ALEX: Thank you! LPC: I appreciate that. LPC: Do you have a favorite? Uh, as one of my, as part of my last question for you, do you have a favorite album, or, or period, or section or track?

I just would like to know. LPC: with effects Bruschatti!

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ALEX: Yeah, imitating the distortion effect bruschatti! LPC: Bruschatti, changing audio effects as he says the word bruschatti, bruschatti, bruschatti. There we go. That was the Bruschatti setting right there. Thank you.

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I really am. Do they know you by sight? ALEX: I felt great. It felt like… getting to hang out with um PJ: Yes. So it was like getting to, getting to — it was like 2 hours of therapy, talking to this guy. PJ: You guys talked for two hours?! ALEX: [laughs] We had a lot of gibberish to work through. And also, um, I asked him if he would do some prank phone calls with me. And he was totally game to do it. So we started trying to call celebrities.

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Um, first we tried JJ Abrams. LPC: J. Oh, J. So, instead we called my dad. LPC: I've got this pancake makeup, uh, like from a clown.

go Goldman: Alright, you've got the wrong person, man. LPC: No, you're, you're Goldman, right? Can I put this makeup on you a little later, see how it looks? So, last we called my friend Dave. LPC: Hi, is Dave there? Dave: Mmhmm. Shanghai Lil gave it to me, and um, it comes with a frisbee and a few other neat things. I just need to get with you a little bit. Get together. You know? ALEX: It was perfect. It was everything I wanted from a conversation with this guy.

PJ: Do you feel like now, does it feel weird, does it feel different listening to his stuff? ALEX: No! His, his, uh, 13th album just came out. I need you to, I need you to — shut up your cats, keep your dogs quiet, I need you to turn the fish light — I need you to stop the fish from making all that noise, and I need you to quit playing the kettle drums!

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PJ: God. Keep an eye out for it. This is Sruthi. And though I work on the show, I have a very strict no Twitter on weekends rule, this weekend this rule was thrown out the window. So, on Friday President Trump signed an executive order that basically banned citizens from seven different countries , whether they had, you know, even people who had visas to come to the United States.

He also banned, indefinitely, refugees from Syria.

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And I was just glued to my phone screen Friday, Saturday, Sunday watching the entire fallout. It was particularly jarring to me because I've, you know, been in this country for several years, but I'm not a citizen. I have a green card. SRUTHI: And for the first time I was very confused as to what that meant, because a green card is, it's called a permanent resident card, and suddenly things didn't feel so permanent anymore.