No. 9: The Little Hut on Chickens Legs

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Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. ReaverPan Hobbyist Artist. ErixOliver Professional Digital Artist. Beautiful background Forest-Paix Professional Digital Artist. Happy to hear that the Baba Yaga has changed her ways. I love this! It is beautiful! I know you said that you're not good at backgrounds, but what you created certainly shows your talent in my opinion.

N0b1eRebe1 Student General Artist. Much nicer baba yaga.

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TomradeM Student Traditional Artist. ToxicKuro Hobbyist.

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Looks Cool! KitsuneLover93 Hobbyist Writer. This is a very good rendition of Baba Yaga's hut. Well done!!!!! Hellboy anyone? I remember this tale!

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A few weeks ago, I was in East Yorkshire on a research trip with a couple of friends. Now we were strolling through the adjoining hamlet of Winestead, where the poet Andrew Marvell was born, and old cottages dozed in the summer sunshine. It was our last call, and in the hedgerow by a dilapidated cottage that was up for sale, I noticed a strange piece of rock lying in the grass.

I turned it over. It was a piece of sculpture, a beautiful lady with sleepy, mysterious eyes. The place was abandoned, but theoretically, the hedgerow was not public. I hesitated, and left her there, driving the 25 miles back to the hotel. The next morning I was due to drive west, to meet my husband near Ilkley.

No. 9: The Little Hut on Chickens Legs

But I woke up seized with the urge to travel back east and rescue the Lady of the Hedgerow. I felt that it was no accident I had found her there and that she should come home with me. As we arrived at our house I spied a parcel on the doorstep. It was the advance copies of The Circle of Nine , my new book about feminine archetypes.

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The Lady had timed her appearance with miraculous precision. She now has a place of honour in our garden — or at least, she seems a little picky, and I move her from place to place, looking to see what suits her best. And another surprising feature emerged. With the help of knowledgeable friends and the internet, I established that she was most probably once a mermaid. She had apparently lost her tail, and surfaced in a hedgerow. Now, make of that what you will, but I doubt we will ever know her full story.

Baba Yaga in a fight with a wolf-wizard.

One of the nine — and one of my favourites, I confess - is the Queen of the Night. She is wild, instinctive, a force of nature — she understands beasts and birds, and has a dark, powerful sexuality. A figure from Russian mythology that really does have an alliance with her, in a crone form, is Baba Yaga, the witch. The way Baba Yaga is usually represented, and what she really is deep down, are two different things, however.

She often appears in fairy tales as a cantankerous, ugly old witch who makes trouble and eats her enemies. In popular culture, she becomes a terrifying bogey-woman who threatens badly-behaved children, and you can also find her as long-nosed, evil-eyed puppet or a gruesome cartoon character. But the really intriguing role of Baba Yaga is as an initiator.

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She challenges intention, blocks the way to those who are not true of heart, and can take on the role of guardian of the threshold. She stands at the border between this world and the supernatural kingdom. In this respect too, she is linked especially to initiation, and some scholars believe that she has emerged from an older goddess who played a part in male initiation rituals, taking young boys into manhood.

Find the Baba Yaga in your own soul to test your resolve and inner motivation! She is also, according to different tales, in command of fine horses who carry her across the face of the earth. And she can whistle up the four winds, and demand to know what they see as they blow around the world.

Yuri Botnari . "Pictures at an Exibition" - The Hut on Hens` Legs (Baba-yaga). medremissipa.gagsky

Baba Yaga harnesses the forces of nature, and is herself elemental, unstoppable and ruthless in her actions. But she respects hard work, and a true heart. She may nail the heads of her enemies to the gatepost and boil up tender mortals for her supper, but she may also come to the aid of those who are loyal, brave and diligent. Baba Yaga does not just attack and slaughter — she stands her ground to find out if a man is made of true metal, and a woman capable of patient work. A man must do or die under the eye of Baba Yaga.

A woman had better find the iron in her own soul and stick by her principles.

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The soldier knows that he cannot run away. And, being a fairy tale, he is indeed reunited with his sweetheart after he enters the supernatural world of Baba Yaga and the four winds. These are Baba Yaga, the fearsome, wise and enigmatic Russian witch, the Goddess Kuan Yin, spirit of healing and compassion, and a figure of stone who I recently found in a hedge and who may be part White Lady, part mermaid. Wish me luck on my journey! And I'll plan to post soon. Once I've put this up, I can't really back out, can I?

And in the meantime, here are some images to whet the appetite.

Pictures From An Exhibition Xv No 9 Baba Yaga The Hut On Fowl S Legs - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

It looks at the ancient radition of nine women forming circles for divination, healing and magical practices. The evidence is often right there in the landscape. Rod Thorn, who runs the site, has included many other fascinating articles there on old magical traditions.