How to blow them away at interview (for art college)

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Exceptions to this requirement may be approved by the appropriate Dean.

10 Ways to Blow Your College Admissions Interview

These hours should be conducted on campus unless approved otherwise by the appropriate academic dean. Divisional hours can be modified as required and communicated as described above. FTCC instructors are being sent out to the high schools throughout the entire county to teach dual credit classes.

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Some of these schools are nearly an hour away from the college, but unless one travels to the college then to the HS then to the college, no compensation for mileage will be given. Additionally, since adjuncts often cannot to go the high schools during the day, adjuncts are given preference for all online classes and classes on campus when full time instructors are farmed out.

The high schools, not the college, determine what days and times classes will be held. An average schedule for many instructors Fall will include college classes every morning and 90 minute high school classes every afternoon 4 days a week. The instructors who do best at FTCC are those who give only multiple choice exams and completion grades for all writing assignments and who show videos in class rather than actually teaching.

As far as pay, FTCC is competitive, but once you are hired you cannot expect to get much by way of raises.

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And, you also cannot expect much by way of breaks during the semester. Faculty often are required to hold work days when students are off. It leaves little time for getting caught up or for taking care of any personal business. There are some nice things about FTCC--the grounds are lovely and the buildings are clean.

But, faculty have no voice--they can't weigh in on strategies to deal with retention issues or even on whether or not high school classes will be increased at the loss of our regular curriculum students. If you work here, you will be nothing more than a wage slave. Your degrees, the professional honors you have achieved, none of these matter.

You are a cog in the machine and the view of the upper levels of the administration is that you are easily replacable--because it doesn't matter how shoddy the product we are putting out; it only matters that we increase enrollment and that, having admitted people who have no business being in a college classroom, we retain them at all costs to avoid federal penalties.

The leadership of the college is broken but given the circumstances there is no way to fix it. It was much the same story. I was in touch with them months after the visit to ask what the situation was, only to be curtly told that the search had concluded and someone else had accepted.

Guys: an email will do, just make it polite, engaged, and timely. Their hiring practices are terrible. Professor here from FGCU: These complaints are legit, but the culprit is usually the HR department which controls all phases of the job search. Committee members, including the chair, are instructed NOT to communicate with job candidates.

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Once the search committee makes its recommendations to the chair, it is disbanded, and the job search is entirely in the hands of the Dean's Office and HR, and the finalists won't hear anything until after the contract has been signed for the new hire--and it'll be a standard, generic email from HR--and yes, it'll be months after the visit. FGCU is a wonderful place to work, but we have some serious issues with our hiring protocol, and we lose good candidates because of it. I had a strange interview with this department for a postdoc, which I can only describe as bewildering and hostile.

What It’s Like When Your College Shuts Down - The Atlantic

The first odd thing was a cold solicitation. One of the search committee emailed my former advisor and strongly but obliquely asked him to inform "one of his students" no names used about the position and encourage them to apply -- in the context, the prof meant me.

So I applied and got a Skype interview. Day of the interview, they claimed to have technical problems. They could see me but I couldn't see them; they made no attempt to fix the problem. The chair of the search also had his infant with him during the interview so that our conversation was periodically interrupted.

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  • I fielded the usual questions. After answering a question about how I think my research is significant for the field, however, the same prof who had solicited my application started to talk. Actually, he said, what I was doing wasn't particularly novel at all but well developed which is not true ; I had not gone for obviously innovative topics but was instead propping myself up on the research of others.

    It took a moment to realize that he was undermining and putting me down. The rest of the interview played out and, no surprise, I didn't get a call back. So why would someone solicit an application only to belittle my work? I can only think that 1. I somehow inexplicably got on this prof's wrong side. In any case, it was a big waste of my time and still rankles. Reply from the prof described: I'm sorry that what I did made you feel that you'd wasted your time. Perhaps an explanation will help you feel less mystified. I did this in an effort to broaden and strengthen our pool of candidates.

    We felt it was best to proceed with our interview. We felt that we were able to communicate with you despite the problems. I'm sorry that you experienced this as an impairment. You are right that I probed your novelty claim.

    I don't think it's fair to describe this as undermining or belittling. I'm not sure what expectation you bring to interviews or what "usual questions" you field, but I'm surprised that you would consider push back about your ideas to be a kind of personal attack. I always ask a sceptical question or two when interviewing candidates; it's important to evaluate how they respond to criticism. None of the three explanations you gave yourself applies.

    I've been an unsuccessful candidate many times myself, and I am also tempted to impute some personal animus onto committee members.

    The fact is, though, that in searches with dozens of viable candidates, each candidate gets only a fragment of attention, and certainly not enough to get on anyone's "wrong side. I was working to engage critically and constructively, as I try to do with everyone whose work I read; I am sorry that I didn't present my interest in a way that lifted you up.

    Looking in more depth, the two faculty dismissed at the end of the year they found out at the last minute, though clearly knew their fate was insecure , were not dismissed for lack of performance. In fact, among the five new hires their teaching was just as consistent AND only these two had managed to secure book contracts at major academic publishers, and in a particular subdiscipline in which the faculty had expressed interest.

    What was their fault? The feather in the cap of this oblivious, business-minded college is perhaps that faculty whose contracts are not renewed are asked to do their own "off-boarding" paperwork for HR! You can dismiss this as sour grapes, and maybe, just maybe this place sounds like a refuge for you if you want to pretend you have job security and write nothing but learning objectives for the rest of your life If you have other ideas about what scholarship is, perhaps reconsider! Secondly, I simply needed some sort of full-time spousal hire if I was to come.

    5 Ways To Ace, Or Blow, Your College Interview

    Please don't get me wrong--I understand that no one owes me a spousal hire, but given the large numbers of professional educators who are married, departments should have some sort of proceedure for this. I brought this detail up with the chair who may or may not have shared this with his staff. I had hoped they had learned their lesson from their failure the prevoius year. Not the case.. When I told that I would provisionally accepted the job pending employment for my spouse and tneure confirmation, flown back in for my one-hour interview, and tried to press the issue, I was told they were now working on the spousal hire.

    Several weeks went by as other offers from other schools were coming in all with confirmed full-time offers for my spouse and finally GSU's department chair sent a simple e-mail forward from the department my spouse would have taught in. In that e-mail was the chain between the chairs that went like this paraphrased, but not by much : Chair of edu: "I need a spousal, can you accomodate?