Hoa Lu: Poems of Vietnams Ancient Capital

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The special protection zone is where the temples of the two kings Dinh Tien Hoang and Le Dai Hanh reside, which are some of the most frequently visited attractions. The buffer zone includes more natural sceneries such as An Tiem cave, as well as more pagodas, temples and palaces.

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It would be a shame to miss Bai Dinh Pagoda if you are intrigued by spiritual tourism. Hence, that in itself should be interesting enough to naturally draw thousands of travellers. Although Ninh Binh has newly built many temples, structures and statues to form the Complex we see today, the original Bai Dinh Pagoda still holds important cultural and historical values that cannot be replaced, especially in the Dinh era.

Since this is a sacred place, though no rule is enforced, it is never too much to dress respectfully. However, do consider wearing something that is comfortable and easy to move as a lot of walking would be involved; or else, it will be too much in this case. Its dazzling green colour had also touched the heart of a poet, ultimately resulting in its name, Bich Dong Green Cave. It is inarguably one of the most popular destinations ; hence, do expect crowds of local and international tourists.

After all, it makes sense once you see the gorgeous green of Ngo Dong lake glistening under the sunlight. The colour of the paddy fields on the sides depends more on the time of the year you visit, which could be the warm, almost overwhelmingly yellow, or the endless vividly green. Of course, it will be a huge loss not to mention the aesthetically shaped caves and rocks, blending flawlessly with its surrounding scenic water. Or, some visitors prefer riding a bike to freely explore on their feet.

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Do be mindful of scammers. Since it is particularly more crowded than other areas, more trouble is swamping around. Words travel far. The destination is slowly climbing the ladder of fame. Visitors usually come to watch the birds either at the end of the day when they fly back home, around 5 pm time may vary in different seasons maybe earlier in winter , or early in the morning when they have not left.

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Worry not about the awkward time, there are plenty of greens and sights to see in the ecological area for you to kill some time. Since a lot of walking is involved, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. It is located under Mua mountain, which most tourists often climb up after visiting the cave below.

Though challenging, steps up the stiff hill will be worth the panoramic view over all of Tam Coc. It is never too much nature. If you prefer a unique nature walk, indulge yourself in the first national park of Vietnam , established nearly 60 years ago. This is the home to a large number of endangered species of animals and plants, ones that you may only spot once in a blue moon.

Though dry, winter is quite cold and severe; hence, guests generally avoid visiting during the period from November to January. February to April is the best time to observe the beautiful rare birds. Another option is butterfly sighting in late April and early May. The marvellous flying colours and patterns fluttering under the sunlight will surely make your whole trip. However, do keep in mind that around this time, the rainy season has already started. Therefore, make sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast before making plans.

This stunning stone monument could be worth your visit with its interesting architecture integrating the Western church look with more traditionally Vietnamese religious structural elements. The building reflects the influence of Catholicism in Vietnam and how it worked its way around existing beliefs of the people.

This is due to the fact that when rowing, not even a tiny wave can be spotted. Imagine Van Long with water as clean as can be, green limestone mountains standing against the blue sky stretching to the horizon. However, since they often hide away from humans in caves and trees, visitors cannot casually spot them. It is still an interesting fact, nonetheless.

Hoa Lư – Vietnam’s Ancient Capital

With fascinating architecture accompanied by the religious and historical values, the relic has survived centuries. It is fairly common knowledge among Vietnamese that it is a waste if one does not climb the Ngoa Long mountain — Hang Mua when in Ninh Binh. Turns out it is an even hotter attraction than Hang Mua itself, which lies at the end of the road by a small lake. The panoramic view of the endless green rice field is just as breathtakingly stunning as when it is golden ripe. Put it in your bucket list and remember to make it come true. This fairytale-like land is actually not put into commercial use.

Despite its dark past, the untouched peaceful scenery seems to suggest otherwise. Away from the hustle and bustle of popular attractions, the cave is steps from the ground up on the mountain with a cool climate all year around. Exploring Ninh Binh by motorbike or a simple bicycle is a rather popular choice. Be it dropping by a popular attraction, sneaking into a paddy field, or discovering untouched spots, fulfil your wanderlust spirit as the wind runs through your hair. This is also a great option for travelling with friends or family.

Boating is probably the most popular activities in Ninh Binh due to its scenic landscape on the sides. Though some may prefer one over the other, they both look spectacular. To get a panoramic view of the whole area, one usually has to climb a few hundreds of stairs. Gear up and climb! Only those worthy are granted the ability to overlook the breathtaking view. Being an ancient capital of Vietnam, many relics in Ninh Binh hold high historical values and captivating stories that you may not want to meet.

Various pagoda complexes are also highly suitable for your religious travel. In Ninh Binh, the rice at the bottom of the pot is never wasted. But it does not stop there.


Hoa Lư – Vietnam’s Ancient Capital

Scorched rice can be eaten with fish sauce, fried onion or yummy meat floss. If you do not have the time to try it at a local restaurant, buy it as a souvenir to bring back home! One cannot simply miss goat dishes here. Good wine, scorched rice and goat meat.


That is how you know you are in Ninh Binh. Various dishes involving the use of goat meat is available for you to choose from. Braised, grilled, stir-fried, hot pot, you name it.

Instead of using cut slices of meat or small balls, they grill large meat patties. They then place them on plates rather than soaking them in the sweet and sour dipping sauce. How can one ever get sick of noodles?

Is it pho? Is it banh da dry pancake? Give banh da noodle soup a try! Wait, what?! Well, it is Vietnam. Everything is possible. The eggs are of brown ants, majority of which reside in limestone mountains in Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh. However, they are not available all year around, but only in early spring around March and early April. Eggs are properly washed before put on hot sticky rice together with fried onion. The wonderful texture and flavour will surely make you weak in the knees.

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Or else, you may still swoon by the sight of it if you are not familiar with exotic cuisines.