Color Your LIfe Happy: Create the Success, Abundance and Inner Joy You Deserve

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You Get In Life What You Believe You Deserve — Here’s How To Upgrade That Belief

Do you feel you deserve success or do you feel unworthy of abundance, joy, success, great relationships or a great life? Do you feel you can confidently ask to have your needs met or do you stuff your needs down in order to please others or not make waves? Are you proactive or are you reactive? Are you confident and feel that things will work out, or are you constantly stressed to the point you are immobilized and unable to make decisions? If the latter describes you, your solar plexus is in dire need of a clearing.

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Love is life, and life is love, is the mantra of this chakra. Your relationships and deep bonds with others depend on an open heart.

Happiness SLEEP MEDITATION ~ How to MANIFEST Your Dream Life

The ability to feel compassion, self-love, kindness, respect and caring means your heart chakra is open. If you have persistent relationship problems and feel disconnected from others, you can be surrounded by dozens of people and still feel utterly alone and that nobody cares. Practice thinking about people not in terms of judgement but with an eye that is focused on seeing the best in people.

Instead of judging someone for being overweight or having a different point of view, choose to see their attributes even if those attributes have nothing to do with the situation — praise their voice, their talents, their beautiful eyes, their winning smile, their wealth, their relationships, etc. Just celebrate what they have, who they are, and let that unconditional love bounce right back to you and heal you.

Listen with loving compassion instead of mentally jumping ahead to what you want to say your agenda. Think about how easy and free your life is if you live from the truth instead of spending untold amounts of energy trying to keep up with the little lies you tell yourself and others… and how joyful your life becomes if you are able to voice the ideas, needs, desires and feelings you want to share.

Paraliminals | Happy for No Reason

This and the crown chakra 7th chakra are more spiritually oriented, rather than being concerned with physical existence — and so it is not entirely necessary to focus on clearing them in order to enjoy your life. Starting with the root chakra, clear and balance the chakras especially the first five chakras for maximum enjoyment of life!

Mindvalley is creating a global school that delivers transformational education for all ages. Although the prevalent stigma on this ailment always keeps this disease under wrap.

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We forget that every ovation is always temporary. Question them on the silliest of their deeds, and they would ooze out anger, stress and hatred. Instead, the better strategy, as one gets up, would be to look at the blooming flowers out of the window which radiate colours of joy. Mornings are the best moments to thank God for the soulful breath travelling in and out of our body! Sunrays do shower peace, let us not mess up with it! The challenge, after that, is to move ahead without exhausting the fuel of pleasure. Mind your bottom line! Whatever has been your past, if you wish to live peacefully for the remaining life, here are few simple, but powerful, suggestions:.

Just forgive — Remember, nothing is more valuable for you than your inner peace. Accept your place — Howsoever smart, successful one might be, there will always be someone ahead of you in terms of professional, family, academic, social or financial benchmark. Never get emotional with this reality, just accept it. Respect your success time zone — Apna time aayega!

How florabrown started their book cover journey

Let go — Each one of us has a past, and almost no one is hundred per cent satisfied with it. If a magical time machine exists, most of us would want to change some element of it! However, there is no undo button on the keyboard of life. To build a glorious future, you need to let go off every disturbance from the past. Leave no wounds open! Love yourself — Hold high self-esteem.

You Are Only As Much As You Invest In Yourself!

Even if you encountered failures on the way, today it is your choice to accept the situation and surrender or have the attitude of moving ahead with a smile. Only when you love your life and are committed to living every moment, you will be resilient enough to bounce back from setbacks. Spend time in silence — Everyday spend at least half an hour with yourself.

Be away from news and media, and also those who are physically surrounding you in your social world. Do not think during this period. When you observe silence, you actually recharge your spirit and make way for abundance to enter into your future experience. Consume Inspiration daily — Read a book, listen to a positive talk or attend some training — do whatever but make it a ritual to consume words of wisdom for at least 15 minutes every day.

Transformation begins when empowering ideas enter your mind every day, consistently. Surround yourself with positive people: This is important. Stay away from those who spread negativity or depression. If you do not have the flexibility to stay away from disturbing people, build a strong wall of ignorance and isolate them. Be like a rose which radiates joy amidst thorns. Staying in the vicinity of a peaceful audience will always attract bliss in your life. Peace and happiness are quite different.

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One can be achieved only at the cost of other. Absolute peace is a state which is devoid of happiness and unh Update Consent. Tech Science Reviews Search for:. Logout Login. Search for:. Did either of these questions ever occur to you? Most important — Why do we live? The Next Step Success is invariably just a few yards ahead from wherever you stand. Failure happens when one quits before making the best efforts in the right direction.