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To signup with Google, please enable popups. Sign up with Google or Facebook. To sign up you must be 13 or older. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Already have an account? Log in. In this chapter is the first time we learn the name of the leader of the Geats. What is it? Chapter 5 ends with the arrival of. This is a fatal wound for the. The fact that Grendel has no. Under what. What do their different.

Their touch and blood were apparently so foul. The original audience of this poem. How does she fit into the narrative at this point? Eventually, Hygelac is killed in. Get started today!

Beowulf Test. Edit a Copy. Study these flashcards. What does the word "hark" mean? This opening line suggests that this poem existed in the oral tradition before it was written down. How does a young future king ensure that warriors will support him once he is ruler? The narrator explains that a young future king should give treasure to assure the allegiance of his kinsmen.

What is the predominant poetic device used in this poem and to what effect? Why would the Beowulf poet employ a device like this so noticeably? First, these sound devices make the spoken poem more enjoyable to hear. Second, the sound devices become memory aids as the poem is passed from person to person and generation to generation. What are the practices associated with a Viking funeral?

Then, the body is covered with treasure, gifts, and weaponry to honor the fallen warrior. The boat is then set on fire and sent out to sea. What is the function of Heorot? Hrothgar and his kinsmen use Heorot to drink and eat and enjoy entertainment. Why is Grendel appalled by the activities going on in Heorot? Grendel is jealous of the revelry and camaraderie of Heorot. Who or what is Grendel? Why does he live isolated in the marshes?

Grendel is a descendent of the Old Testament Cain, who murdered his brother, Abel. As punishment for this first fratricide, Cain was exiled. What evidence of Christianity is there in this largely pagan poem?

The Heroic Age: The Social Centrality of Women in Beowulf

First, the explanation that Grendel is a descendent of Cain is an obvious allusion to the early chapters of Genesis. How does the poem blend Christian and pagan myth? How does the oral tradition help to attract Beowulf to the Danish shore? Grendel wreaked destruction on the Danish tribe for more than a decade. What is a kenning, and what does it contribute to the overall effect of the poem?

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A kenning is a compound noun that provides an indirect, but descriptive way to identify a person or thing. While in the hall of Heorot, the bards sang songs clearly alluding to the book of Genesis, but in their tribulation, they resort to sacrifices and rites to pagan gods for help with Grendel. It is important for a young hero to seek adventure and begin to establish his reputation. The phrase shows how determined Beowulf and his soldiers are to reach the Danish shore quickly in order to help the troubled Danes. On the other hand, he admits that 1 invaders do not usually arrive so openly in broad daylight, and 2 Beowulf is armed too splendidly to be an invader or a henchman.

The phrase reveals that Ecgtheow was an old and wise man when he finally died. The phrase refers to Hrothgar, leader of the Danes. The term is used to indicate the common practice of giving treasure to worthy warriors. As a righteous leader, Hrothgar is expected to reward his warriors with treasure and gold. This is an example of metonymy, referring to something, not by its name but by naming an object or quality closely associated with it.

What is significant about 1 the request that Beowulf and his men leave their weapons and armor outside when they enter Heorot and 2 their willingness to do so. Because Beowulf and his men are strangers, it is still possible that they have arrived in Denmark to wage war, possibly to assassinate Hrothgar.

Therefore, they are asked to leave their weapons and armor outside as a sign that they have, indeed, come in peace. Their agreeing to disarm themselves proves that they have come in peace and also that they trust the Danes and do not fear an ambush. His mother was the only daughter of Hrethel the Geat. In what manner of combat does Beowulf boast that he will defeat Grendel? Beowulf boasts that he will defeat Grendel in unarmed, handtohand, single combat. What piece does he specifically mention? Why is this one special? What is a likely reason for beginning this chapter with phrasing identical to the previous chapter?

The repetition provides both structure and an aid in the memorization of this poem that probably was composed in the oral tradition before being written. As Ecgtheow could not afford the bloodprice for his killing, he fled and asked for asylum from Hrothgar. How did Hrothgar become king of the Danes?

Beowulf: An Illustrated Edition

Hrothgar more or less inherited the throne when his older brother, Heorogar, died. Are we to see Beowulf as excessively boastful? Why or why not? First, we are to assume that his boasts are true. Second, since Beowulf has indeed accomplished everything he boasts of, his boasting is a legitimate means of letting others know who he is and what he has accomplished.

It was expected that a hero would make his deeds known. Beowulf essentially calls Unferth a coward, saying that if he fought as bravely as he talked, Grendel would not have had the opportunity to oppress Heorot as he was. She eagerly hands a goblet with drink to the warriors and expresses her hope with regard to the upcoming battle with Beowulf. Already Hrothgar has mentioned the treasure and riches he will bestow upon Beowulf if he succeeds in defeating Grendel. He understands that Grendel is not able to use weapons, and he wants to fight fairly. He does not want to give himself an unfair advantage over the monster.

What is suggested by the final paragraph of chapter 10? This victory is his fate. What narrative technique does the poet use to transition between Chapters 10 and 11? What effect is created by this transition? What does Grendel do to his victims? Grendel tears the bodies of his victims apart, drinks their blood, and devours their entire bodies. At what point does Beowulf seize Grendel to fight him? How heroic is Grendel?

How do you know? Grendel is not at all heroic. Once he confronts Beowulf, he is not willing to fight fairly. When he realizes that Beowulf has a hold of him and that Beowulf is amazingly strong, all Grendel wants to do is flee to his lair.

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Grendel has used sorcery to make himself impervious to swords, lances, and other weapons.